Looking for the plans? I got a direct link on 'em.
The Two Box style, like the classic Midway cocktail cabinet, is $24.99. CocktailMAME is based off of this plan set!
The Three Box style, adds the capability for playing games that work side by side as well opposing, and is priced at $37.99.
Thanks for supporting my habit!

The Almost DoneTM Player One Joystick box! Complete with T-Molding!

The painted new top piece. Note the beveled edge in the monitor hole.

Painting the edges black so that when the T-molding and the vinyl sheeting is applied, any exposed bits of wood around the edges are black and not plywood colored.

Close up of the preparation work...

Coindoor side of the cabinet

Side view of the cabinet facing the coin door.

Side view of the cabinet with the hinged top open

You can see in this picture of the cabinet, the power cord (a replacement tool cord from Home Depot, the power swith (120v @ 13amps), the access door (which locks), and the two intake fans to keep the machine cool.

Side view with the access door open

With door open, you see inside the cabinet. Yes, the monitor takes up that much room! The 75 pound beast of a display is supported by two 1x6 pieces mounted in a verticle fasion. Although they're obscured by a mess of wires, the OptiPac is mounted to the monitor support beam and the I-Pac is mounted to the side. In retrospec, if I ever build another cocktail, I'll likely mount both on the support beam. The keyboard I picked up at a garage sale. It's the kind that is normally used for medical devices.

Player 1 control panel

The player 1 joystick box was built first. Can you tell? *grin*
  • The first lesson learned was the Player 1 start and Player 2 start buttons don't have enough space to be in the proper orientation (the people standing straight up) and have their microswitches installed. D'oh!
  • The second lesson was use longer wood screws. The 3/8" long screws I'm using now pop out of the mounting wood much too easily. This is the reason for the stress failure I mentioned before.
  • Countersink! Countersink! Countersink! While I don't have a countersink bit, I found 1/4" drill bit does a mighty fine job.

Player 2 control panel

The player 2 joystick box looks a heck of a lot better than the player 1 box. However, it still has some issues and will likely get completely rebuilt when I widen the joystick boxes by an inch and a half...

The machine has been blessed...
One of the cats gives the machine her stamp of approval.

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