Looking for the plans? I got a direct link on 'em.
The Two Box style, like the classic Midway cocktail cabinet, is $24.99. CocktailMAME is based off of this plan set!
The Three Box style, adds the capability for playing games that work side by side as well opposing, and is priced at $37.99.
Thanks for supporting my habit!
  • Buid Your Own Arcade Controls 1389 hits (Added on 12/20/2002 9:20:23 AM)
    This website is dedicated to recreating the arcade experience in your own home. Great people and loads of information.
  • Happ Controls 1326 hits (Added on 12/20/2002 10:51:35 AM)
    I picked up the joysticks and buttons from these guys. The cool thing is that all of their products have exploded and cross section views. Very handy for laying out controls.
  • Oscar Controls 1429 hits (Added on 12/24/2002 11:41:30 AM)
    I'm using their Model 3 spinner in the project. Real nice spinner action for Tempest. Very nice indeed.
  • Game Cabinets, Inc. 1652 hits (Added on 12/20/2002 10:53:17 AM)
    Their plans are awesome and I highly recommend them!
  • Hard Drives Northwest 1652 hits (Added on 12/21/2002 8:08:28 AM)
    This is the store I buy almost all of my computer hardware from. Great people, great prices! The really cool thing is that all of their parts have a 1 year, over the counter warranty. Something dies, bring it back and they'll replace it.
  • 1578 hits (Added on 12/21/2002 8:12:38 AM)
    Supplier of arcade parts. Found the stickyback vinyl here.
  • 1176 hits (Added on 12/24/2002 11:39:07 AM)
    Makers of the OptiPac optical encoder and the I-Pac keyboard encoder.
  • 1286 hits (Added on 12/21/2002 8:14:13 AM)
    Emulation website that has a huge archive of arcade ROMs. Please note, that unless you have a File Planet subscription, you may have to "wait in line" a long time to download some.
  • FE Dev Forum 1657 hits (Added on 12/20/2002 9:35:11 AM)
    If you're writing your own front end to MAME, this is where you go to get help. If you're a user of a front end, you can generally ask for help from the devs.
  • MAME.Net 1163 hits (Added on 12/20/2002 10:55:05 AM)
    The official home page of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

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